Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Australian Magpie

The Australian Magpie makes for an interesting pet. They are just like a small dog; only with feathers. They are fearless and are well adept as a watch dog for your backyard. Magpies can be taught to talk. Although Magpies are territorial at heart, they are also capable for much affection.

Australian Magpies consist of subspecies, such as the White Backed Magpie and the Black Backed Magpie. Females Magpies are identified by having grey feathers at the nape of their neck, while males have only white napes.

This is picture of my pet magpie. She is called Magnus. She was a wonderful pet in the sense that she guarded our backyard well.  She was also able to speak several words and phrases.

Magpies, just like a small dog, do need the run of the backyard. They can get quite despressed if they are cooped up in their cage for long periods of time. For this purpose, it is wise to fix your pets wings to prevent flight: for it's own safety.

While they are a large bird, they are fearless and will take on a dog for the sake of defending territory. Your pet magpie will also be bullied by other 'wild' magpies who are defending their territory.